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Google Makes Surprise Short-Term Offer To Pixel 8 Pro Buyers

Google Makes Surprise New Offer To Pixel 8 Pro Buyers

Google has repeatedly slashed the Pixel 8’s price since the device launched last October, and it doesn’t look like the company is going to stop any time soon.

Google had been running a discount that knocks $150 and $200 off the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro respectively since January 24th, which was supposed to end on February 3rd. But that offer appears to have been immediately extended on the Google store, with the same deal now available from February 3rd to February 24th.

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I can’t remember the last time Google priced its flagship phones so aggressively by running significant discounts back-to-back, like it has done with the Pixel 8 range. This deal is on top of Google giving away $125 gift cards to use on the Pixel phones to some YouTube Premium and Google service subscribers.

The company also appears to have extended its temporarily enhanced trade-in prices until February 24th—offering up to $750 for your used handset. Of course, to get that much you have to hand over your iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is the only device that nets that much trade-in discount.

Interestingly, Google is offering more for your old iPhone 14 Pro Max than Samsung is right now ($550). The most Galaxy S24 buyers can get for their old iPhone 15 Pro Max—if you can call it that—is $750. Google doesn’t appear to accept any iPhone 15 model for trade-in during this sale period.

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Repeated discounts, surprise gift card deals and high-value trade-in prices are very much the territory of Samsung. Google hasn’t been shy about cutting prices for its handsets down the years, but I don’t recall seeing sustained price cuts like this, nor extended trade-in values.

Why would Google—and Samsung to a lesser extent—keep their phones cheap for so long? 2024 is potentially transformative for both companies with the emergence of generative AI being baked into the core smartphone experience. Samsung has already hinted that it might charge for some Galaxy AI features in the future and Google might do the same for its own AI service, Bard, soon.

This is the battleground, get users into your hardware ecosystem and sign them up for subscriptions to next-generation features. Even if Google doesn’t end up charging for select Bard features, the company has massively revamped some paid-for services, like YouTube Music, recently to make them as attractive as possible.

For people considering buying the Pixel 8, this is the type of solid deal that is typically reserved for the holiday shopping period. So take the opportunity while it lasts if you have been holding out for a Pixel 8. But, considering the way Google keeps cutting hardware prices, I wouldn’t be surprised if more discounts are on the horizon.

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